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    MasteryConnect is a proficiency-based learning tool that allows teachers to track, use and share student learning. MasteryConnect keeps track of student understanding of the Missouri Learning Standards - the knowledge and skills students need in each grade level and course for success.   Parents can access MasteryConnect to monitor your child’s progress.

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    MasteryConnect is used in grades K-5 for ELA and math progress reporting.  


    MasteryConnect for Parents:
    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is proficiency based reporting?

    Instead of focusing on a percent, proficiency based reporting indicates what skills a student knows and is able to do. Students can explain what they learn or did not learn. Through MasteryConnect, teachers, students, and parents are provided information on mastery of specific standards while receiving meaningful feedback throughout the year.  

    What is Mastery Connect?

    Mastery Connect is a proficiency-based learning tool that allows educators to track, use and share student learning.

    MasteryConnect is a system that keeps track of student understanding of the Missouri Learning Standards. When viewing your student’s information in the parent portal, you will see a description of each grade level standard and a blue, green, yellow, or red box indicating your student’s current level of understanding for that standard.  

    mastery connect color graphic

    What are trackers?

    Trackers are used by educators to keep record of student learning.  Trackers will be found in the parent portal. By clicking on a tracker, parents will be able to learn more about student learning.  

    Will the same standards be assessed all year, or will the standards that are assessed change each quarter?

    Some standards will be assessed periodically throughout the year. Other standards will be assessed on a quarterly basis.

    What does the percent circle mean?

    percent image Percent circles can be found on both the report card and in the parent portal. For each class, the circles on the report card match the circles in the parent portal.  Each percent circle shares student achievement for the standards assessed against the total number of standards that were taught in that class.

    The green and blue areas represent standards met or exceeded. The yellow area represents standards being progressed towards.  The red represents standards for which there is insufficient evidence to make a determination of achievement.

    gray box illustration Why are some standards shaded grey?

    The standards that have not yet been assessed are shaded grey.  

    Are teachers who are teaching the same subject focusing on the same standards at the same time?

    Teachers who teach the same subject are teaching with the same set of agreed-upon essential standards.  They are not, however, teaching those essential standards at the same time or in the same way. How and when standards are taught are decisions made by individual teachers.  

    I’m in the parent portal. I’ve opened a standard. I can see some sentences and a list of colorful items. What am I looking at?

    Mastery Connect organizes assessments by standards. At the top of each standard’s window is a copy of the standard, usually followed by a short description of that standard. Below that is the list of assessments your student completed for that standard.  The assessments are organized left to right, oldest to newest. By default, Mastery Connect uses the most recent assessment as the driver for the reported student achievement level located in the upper left corner of each standard. In other words, the color of the last assessment to the (bottom) right should match the color of the box in the upper left corner.  

    Why can’t I see the names for the assessments in each standard?

    To learn about each assessment, click to open. A window will pop up. The name of the assessment is located at the top of that window.  And, depending on what type of assessment it is, and to what extent the teacher has made the assessment available, you may see the assessment itself, any rubric used to score it, an answer key and/or a class-level item analysis.