• Remediation/Plan for Success of Students

    Students who are performing unsatisfactorily at any time with meet regularly with the coordinator. The meetings will be at the coordinator's discretion. The student will be required to maintain assignments and tests on a student planner and submit them for review to the coordinator at the scheduled meetings. In addition, the student will be required to print the powerpoints for notetaking, use them for notes, and turn them in after each day of class until the coordinator request them to stop. The printing will be at the student's expense.

     Students are considered performing unsatisfactorily if they meet any of the following criteria:

    1. They achieve <75% on any examination. 
    2. They miss a homework assignment & have a grade <80% in that course
    3. They have an overall grade of <75% (at any given time) in any course.
    4. They are struggling with procedural or organizational skills as assessed by the PN Coordinator and/or faculty.
    5. They are not compliant with the ATI testing policy for scheduled practice tests and proctored tests.

    A student who considered to be performing unsatisfactorily based on the criteria listed above will be placed on probation and may have a delay in receiving financial aid payments.