• Communications Expectations
    Our district strives to communicate from the inside out.  As the saying goes, “go to the source.” We encourage our parents and community to do the same - start with the person closest to the topic, issue, concern and then if you need to ask further questions or get more clarification, move to the next level.  And Facebook is never our first place to communicate important information to parents - we work to contact parents directly - phone, text, or email first.  We’d encourage parents and community members to do the same.

    I have a question/concern/suggestion….where do I start?
    *If your concern impacts the safety of our students and staff, please call the building principal directly (see below) and/or the Harrisonville Police Department at 380-8940.

    First Contact:  Your student’s teacher
    *Phone #s and emails can be found here -


    Next:  Your student’s principal



    Harrisonville Early Childhood Center
    Pre-K - Kindergarten

    Becky Campbell
    380-4421, ext. 2222

    Harrisonville Elementary School
    Grades 1-3

    Dr. Tricia Falke
    380-4131, ext. 3222

    McEowen Elementary School
    Grades 4-5

    Beth Love
    380-4545, ext. 4222

    Harrisonville Middle School
    Grades 6-8

    Chris Grantham
    380-7654, ext. 5222

    Harrisonville High School
    Grades 9-12

    Mark Rorvig
    380-3273, ext. 6222

    Cass Career Center
    Grades 9-Post-Secondary

    Dr. Anne Hickman
    380-3253, ext. 7222


    Next or if you do not have students in our schools:  District Office - 380-2727

    Name, Title, Email

    Administrative Areas

    Josh Chastain, Superintendent

    Budget, Finance
    School Board
    District Goals
    Safety/Crisis Plan
    Strategic Planning
    Federal Programs

    Joe Parkhurst, Asst. Superintendent of HR & Operations

    Personnel - our staff
    Facilities - buildings & grounds
    District Compliance Officer
    Community event, program flyer distribution in our schools
    Substitute Teaching
    Nurses, District Wellness Program
    Residency & Tuition
    Foster Care Point of Contact
    Homeless & Migrant Liaison
    Title IX
    Long-term facilities planning
    Food Service

    Annie Knox, Asst. Superintendent of Academic & Student Services

    Curriculum - what our students are learning
    State Testing - how our state measures achievement
    Gifted Education
    Library Media Centers
    Special Education - Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), 504s
    Guidance & Counseling
    Title I Reading & Math
    Professional Development

    Jill Filer, Director of Communications

    Newsletters - Connections, Harrisonville Highlights
    District social media
    General - where do I find this information? who do I talk to?
    New Families - enrollment, community questions

    Deb Athey, Director of Business Services

    Finance / Budget / Audit

    Property/Casualty Insurance

    Joe Parkins, OPAA! Food Service Company

    Breakfast & Lunch Menus
    Making a Meal Payment
    Free & Reduced Meals

    Other programs…
    Parents As Teachers - 380-4421, ext. 2805
    Community Education - 380-3253, ext. 7223
    Harrisonville Public School Foundation - 380-2727, ext. 1224
    Bright Futures - 380-2727, ext. 1224
    Sports & Activities - 380-3273, ext. 6227

    What if I want to remain anonymous in providing a suggestion or tip?
    Use our “Let’s Talk” option (in the left navigation) and available on the district app.  This icon/link provides a direct connection to district admin through which you can ask a question, suggest an idea, report a concern, or share a shout out.  If you’d like a response, switch off anonymous and include your name and contact info.

    Additional Options for General Inquiries: