All students must complete ALL assigned practice tests, focused review, and proctored tests before their transcripts will be mailed to Missouri State Board of Nursing after graduation.

    For specific information about meeting the required benchmarks, please see corresponding course syllabus for related course content.

    If a student has received a 1 or <1 on any proctored test, they will be assigned a focused review for one hour for each content area that they received a 1 or <1.  After completing the required focused review, they will be required to retake the proctored test. If they receive a 1 or <1 on the second test, they will be assigned another additional hour of focused review on the second proctored test. Then, the student will be required to complete an ATI practice test or an alternate assignment every two weeks in that content area for the remainder of the year as part of the requirements to pass PVC II (See syllabus). 

    ATI practice tests and proctored tests are a graded part of course curriculum, and therefore, required to successfully complete courses to progress throughout the program. Each course syllabus will outline expectations for ATI testing.