Vocational Director

    The vocational director is the building administrator for the Cass Career Center.  Responsibilities include supervision of the school’s educational/learning program leading in the development, determination of appropriateness and monitoring of the instructional program; and establishing and maintaining an effective learning climate in the school.  In addition, the director will enforce discipline as necessary, according to due process to the rights of students. The director oversees the Practical Nursing Program.



    A full-time guidance counselor/vocational resource educator is available to provide services to students such as individual personal counseling, scheduling, support of special needs students regarding academic pursuits, as well as testing and evaluating of all students. 


    Follow Up Placement Plan/Placement Coordinator

    A placement coordinator (PN Coordinator) will assist the students in relating their personal and educational development to their planning and decision-making processes.  Graduate follow-up studies, job development and placement activities will be coordinated with the PN faculty to assist students in locating and obtaining employment. Coordinator will obtain job listings as available and forward them to graduates (all in current database) and post on Facebook and school bulletin board. Coordinator will encourage employers to contact the program to list jobs for new and experienced graduates and share these listings on Facebook and via email, as well as invite quality employers to provide information for potential positions for graduate Practical Nurses for students. Student placement records and potential employers are maintained in the Coordinator’s office. Coordinator will also forward all job opportunities on PN website and Facebook page.


    PN Coordinator will mail follow-up surveys to employers of new graduates three to four months after graduation to allow for employer feedback. Students will be contacted if the feedback is not returned and ask to encourage employers to respond to provide feedback.


    Coordinator and faculty will provide references as requested by students in a timely manner to potential



    Financial Aid Director

    A full-time financial aid director will be available to assist the students in managing their financial decisions

    regarding obtaining loans, grants and other financial aid resources to fund the cost of the program. The financial aid

    will also counsel the students about loan default prevention measures, as well as provide alternate sources of financial aid

    when available.