Students who have completed individual courses or who have partially completed a program of training in another accredited school may be accepted into the program if enrollment permits.  Students must provide transcripts and course descriptions from courses taken at another institution. 

     Individual courses taken at other institutions will be considered for transfer according to the criteria as follows:

    1. If the student received an “A” in the course, the course will be accepted for three years from date of course completion.
    2. If the student received a “B” in the course, the course will be accepted for transfer for two

    years from date of course completion.

    1. If the student received a “C” in the course, the course will be accepted for transfer credit for

    one year from date of  course completion.

    Tuition credit will be provided for the clock hours for which credit is given, along with credit for textbook(s). 

    Students requesting advanced placement when transferring from another school of nursing shall submit transcripts, references, and a written request for advanced placement if enrollment permits. The curriculum must be comparable to the curriculum of Cass Career Center.  The school reserves the right to contact faculty from the transferring school regarding the student’s progress in a program.  Each request will be considered individually and the student must fulfill the same requirements for graduation as all other students in the class.  Each case will be considered individually by the coordinator of the program. Tuition will be prorated for courses taken at Cass Career Center.

    Transfer students may be required to take tests and complete the admissions process necessary to meet the requirements of the Cass Career Center program. This includes the Criminal Background Check, Employee Disqualification List and the Urine Drug Screen.  Additional testing may be required for advanced placement.  Courses will not be accepted if more than one year has transpired since the course was completed.  Final decisions regarding advanced placement rest with the PN Coordinator, the Assistant Vocational Director and the Vocational Director.