Students will utilize the technology support services of the websites utilized for delivery of instructional content and support materials, including grade book access.


    Computers will not be used in the classroom during classroom time. They will be utilized for testing.


    Please contact the following:


    ATI Operational Issues

    Phone: 800-667-7531

    Hours: 7am to 7pm CST Monday through Friday

       For afterhours operational issues, please send an email to helpdesk@atitesting.com. All emails will be

       Returned the following business day.


    Evolve technical issues

    Phone: 800-222-9570

    Hours: Monday- Friday 7am-11pm CST

    Saturday: 8am-6pm CST

    Sunday: 12pm-10pm CST

        For afterhours operational issues, please submit a support ticket at the following website:   



    Students who are experiencing technical issues that are preventing them from completing coursework should first contact the customer service for the website they are experiencing issues with. If the customer service is not open or cannot address the problem at this time, the student should contact the instructor of the course in which they are working to complete the assignment by email. The email should describe the problems they are having, a screen shot of the error, the name of the person they talked to when calling customer service, and the time they talked to the customer service agent, if applicable.


    Once the student has notified customer service and the instructor, they should wait for instructions from the instructor about how to proceed.