Student files are maintained in the Practical Nursing/Adult Education secretary’s office and the file cabinet is kept locked at any time that the cabinets are not directly observed by the secretary. Cabinets are locked at night and are unable to be accessed by anyone other than the coordinator and the secretary. If the student wishes to review items in their file, they should make a written request to the coordinator, who will sit with the student while they view the documents in their records. Faculty members are unable to review a student’s file without requesting access through the coordinator, and they are granted access only if the file is to be viewed for educations purposes only. The instructors will only be able to view those items that are pertinent to their instructional activities. All health records are kept confidential, unless there is a need for instructors to know for the well-being of the student. The information to be shared with instructors will be divulged to the student prior to sharing with the program instructors. (Revised 4/22/19)