Students should report to the assigned clinical area fifteen minutes before start of clinical.  Check the chart and computer for updates on patient condition and report to the clinical instructor or preceptor. Clinical times will coincide with the shift change of the clinical facility.  If the student is not going to attend clinical, they must call the instructor by the time designated by the clinical instructor.  Student needs to speak with instructor, not voicemail.  A no-call, no-show may be cause for failure for the clinical rotation.  There are no cell phones allowed in the clinical area and could be cause for failure of the clinical rotation. Cell phones should be left in bags, lunchboxes, or a student’s car.



    Students are to complete clinical assignments in a timely fashion and be at the post clinical conference on time.  A complete report should be given to the staff person caring for your patients.  All charting must be completed before leaving the clinical area.  Nurse’s notes are to be reviewed and signed by the clinical instructor.