Cass Career Center is committed to protecting the safety, health, and well-being of all students, patients and other individuals in our environment. It is a violation of our drug-free school environment policy to use, possess, sell, trade and/or offer for sale alcohol, illegal drugs or intoxicants.


    Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are not prohibited when taken in standard dosage and/or according to the physician’s prescription. Any employee taking prescribed or over-the-counter medications will be responsible for consulting the prescribing physician and/or pharmacist to ascertain whether the medication may interfere with safe performance of his/her assignment. If the use of a medication could compromise the safety of the employee, patients, or other individuals, it is the responsibility of the student to notify coordinator of the PN program. All students must list any prescription medications they take on their statement of health for review by the coordinator. Consent for continuation to take the prescribed medication during school hours or clinical will be given by the coordinator, after individual consideration for each student. A student may not keep medication on their person in the classroom.


    Any student who is convicted of a criminal drug violation must notify the organization in writing within five calendar days of the conviction. The school will take action within seven days of notification.


    All students, as a condition of attending clinical sites, will be required to participate in pre-enrollment, random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion testing upon selection or request by coordinator or instructor. Any student who tests positive will be provided the opportunity to provide any legal medication explanation. If the student is unable to provide the medical explanation, they will be dismissed immediately upon verification of chain of custody. Students will incur the cost of the drug test, which will be $35.00.


    In an effort to promote a drug-free environment, Cass Career Center will also randomly test ten students annually (one per month). Cass Career Center will incur the costs for these tests. The student will be notified during school hours and then, the coordinator will complete the drug test immediately at the school.  


    If a student refuses the drug test, they will be subject to the same consequences of a positive test.


    Students will sign the consent for the hair sample drug testing. The PN coordinator will complete the drug test at the school.


    If a student exhibits behavior that, in the opinion of the instructor, is considered to be consistent with the use of drugs and/or alcohol, he/she will be required to submit to a urine and/or blood test. The following steps will be implemented by the coordinator:

    1. The instructor will remove the student to a private area. He/she will discuss with the student the        signs and symptoms observed.  The student will be allowed to provide a verbal explanation of the suspicious behavior.
    2. The student will be placed on suspension pending the results of the drug screen.
    3. The instructor will request immediate urine and/or blood testing if deemed appropriate. Refusal of the student to submit to testing will be grounds for dismissal from the program.                
    4. The student will be dismissed from class or clinical at this time, as soon as possible.

    The fee for the drug screen will be paid by Cass Career Center.