The grading and evaluation system at Cass Career Center is designed to encourage the students to be successful in their training.  The practical nursing program consists of a series of academic courses and a series of clinical courses.  All courses are established on a point system.  Each activity and examination will be assigned a specific number of points at the instructor’s discretion.    Letter grades are assigned by the following system:


    A                      98 - 100%

    A-                     95 - 97%

    B+                    92 - 94%

    B                      89 - 91%

    B-                     85 - 88%

    C+                    80 - 84%

    C                      75 - 79%

    F                      Below 75%



    Final grades will be distributed at the completion of each theory course and clinical course with the final grades for each being recorded on the student transcript.  A final grade of 75% or higher is required for each theory course and each clinical course in order to continue in the program of nursing.  Each course must be passed with a grade of 75% or higher.  If the student does not receive a grade of 75% or higher for the final grade of any course, he/she will be dismissed from the program, with the exception of IV Therapy. A student must receive a grade of 80% in IV Therapy to continue in the program and pass the final with an 80%.

    If a student fails any class at any time, they will be dismissed immediately, and they will not be permitted to complete other courses they are currently enrolled in. The dismissal will be effective at the time the final grade is posted.


    Skills Lab Attendance

    Students will be expected to utilize the lab for practice every week during Fundamentals of Nursing. The lab times may vary from 0700-1600.


    Students are required to participate in remediation if they are performing unsatisfactorily in any area.

    Students are considered performing unsatisfactorily if they meet any of the following criteria:

    1. They achieve <75% on any examination. 
    2. They miss a homework assignment & have a grade <80% in that course
    3. They have an overall grade of <75% (at any given time) in any course.
    4. They are struggling with procedural or organizational skills as assessed by the PN Coordinator and/or faculty.
    5. They are not compliant with the ATI testing policy for scheduled practice tests and proctored tests.


    A student who considered to be performing unsatisfactorily based on the criteria listed above will be placed on probation and may have a delay in receiving financial aid payments.

    A student will participate in activities other than those assigned in the courses if they meet any of the above criteria. The instructors and the coordinator will develop remediation activities, which may include any of the following:

    1. Additional assignments

    2. Working with the coordinator and faculty to complete a planner and have it signed off by instructors each week


    Final Grades

    Grades (assignments, tests, and finals) are final after one week of posting. If a student would like to challenge the accuracy of a grade, they must do it within one week of posting in the grade book. If the student does not challenge it prior to that week ending, then, the grade will be considered final. The student may see their grades as they are posted by accessing the student SIS website. It is a student’s responsibility to notify the department secretary if they are unable to access the site.