The Practical Nursing classroom is equipped with a reference library and internet access.  Continued efforts will be made to add to this important part of the program.  References include books, pamphlets, and magazines.  Coordinator and faculty will evaluate resources annually and identify materials that are not current. Students are encouraged to use these resources to enhance their learning.  The library policy is as follows:

    1. Materials may be checked out for OVERNIGHT ONLY. This is courtesy for others who may wish to use the reference.
    2. TO CHECK OUT BOOKS AND MAGAZINES–The student checking out the book should write his/her name on the sign-out form and give to the coordinator. The book should be returned to the coordinator.
    3. Students are responsible for all overdue and lost books from the library. Should books be lost, the student will replace the text with a book of today’s value before final grades will be given.  If books are overdue, a student may lose the privilege of checking out books from the library.
    4. Information from the Internet may be copied with permission from faculty observing copyright laws. At the completion of the student’s use for the information it is to be returned to the faculty for future students’ use.
    5. Quiet time will be observed in the classroom during breaks and lunchtime. The library will be available 30 minutes before and after class on non-clinical days for student use.
    6. Cass Career Center’s Practical Nursing students have access to many sources for research literature and media articles. Upon enrollment, students are given access to online journals (as included in tuition and fees), which provide a subscription to hard copy journals mailed to their residence. Each student’s subscription includes access to the entire library of two online journals. The students will be instructed during orientation how to access and utilize these journals and the website where they are accessed. Students can contact any instructor in the program for assistance on the use of these websites used to access the journal articles. On each website, there is a help tab to provide guidance for any problems a student might have. The coordinator of the program will arrange for these resources to be available on the first day of class. Students will be provided netbooks on first day of class to access the materials.
    7. If a student finds a valuable resource that would benefit the program, the student may suggest the purchase of that resource to the coordinator by sending an email with the title of the resource to the coordinator. The coordinator will evaluate the appropriateness of the resource and respond to the student’s request.
    8. Annual budget will include resources for purchasing and updating all media resources when necessary.