Graduates from Cass Career Center’s School of Practical Nursing must successfully satisfy all the requirements for the courses of this program in preparation for the provision of good nursing care.  This is demonstrated by the following:

    1. Each course must be passed with a score of 75% or higher.
    2. Clinical rotations must be successfully completed as demonstrated through clinical evaluation.
    3. The student must meet the attendance guidelines as described in this handbook.
    4. Each student must demonstrate the ability to develop plans of care utilizing the nursing process and recognize changes in patients’ conditions indicating the need for professional assistance.

    This ability is demonstrated by the following:

    1. Clinical databases demonstrate understanding of individual patient care needs and analysis of the care provided by the student.
    2. Case studies and clinical simulations are completed successfully to indicate understanding of client needs and priority setting.
    3. Critical thinking skills are demonstrated by successful completion of written tests, writing assignments and other learning activities.
    4. The ability to assist the professional nurse in care of patients in complex situations by meeting specific nursing requirements of patients as directed must be demonstrated through the following:
    5. All clinical skills identified on the clinical skills check-off must be successfully completed either in the clinical setting or in the classroom laboratory under the direction of an instructor.
    6. The clinical rotations must be successfully completed as evidenced by the evaluation completed by the clinical instructor.
    7. Written tests with items requiring critical thinking must be completed with a cumulative score of 75% or greater. Other written assignments may be included in the cumulative score.