Students are expected to pick up clinical assignments the evening prior to the first clinical day each week during medical-surgical clinicals.  The student will wear the clinical uniform and name badge to the clinical site to obtain clinical assignment for the next day. The student will be expected to access patient records, meet the patient and perform an assessment on the patient during the preclinical assignment. The medications, diagnoses, lab reports, and other information obtained from the patient chart are to be researched and the student is expected to be prepared for questioning from the instructor in the clinical setting.  Failure to be adequately prepared for the clinical day, as determined by the clinical instructor, will result in the student being dismissed from clinical for the remainder of that day.  This will be counted in the absence total and completion of an additional, mandatory assignment will be required to help the student meet the objectives of the clinical experience.  Any student dismissed from clinical due to lack of preparation must meet with the Coordinator of the LPN program the next school day.


    Students should not copy or print anything from the patient record at the hospital during their clinicals their, regardless of the presence of patient information on the printed materials or not.