1. Requirements for behavior and dress in the classroom will be in accordance with the Cass Career Center Student Handbook.
    2. Students must be in their seats and ready to start on time. On testing days, the students must be in their seats and logged in to computer. The test will be timed and the timer will start at the beginning of the test. If a student is not logged in when the instructor begins the timer, they will forfeit the time it takes to log in from their testing time. 
    3. No sleeping in class. If it is noted, the student will receive one warning for the entire year for all classes. After that warning, the student will be asked to leave the class. The student may be able to return during the next class period; however, it will be at the instructor's discretion. If the issue becomes an ongoing problem, the student may be asked to leave the class for the day. If they are asked to leave class for sleeping at any time, it will be counted against their attendance, per policy. EXCEPTIONS ARE NOT MADE FOR STUDENTS WHO WORK OVERNIGHT.
    4. Individuals must raise his/her hand and be recognized before speaking. One person talks at a time.
    5. Use lab equipment only after you have been instructed on its proper use and care.
    6. Please clean up your own mess including after lab time, lunch time, and at the end of the day.
    7. Children, relatives, or friends are not permitted to be in attendance during school hours. The coordinator of the program must be notified in all instances where anyone, other than those regularly in attendance, is to be present.
    8. Get permission to speak. Do not whisper or talk to your neighbor.  This is rude, inconsiderate, and disruptive.
    9. Do not monopolize class time. Give only pertinent information when answering questions.
    10. Only one handout is printed for each student. If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to obtain the handout from a peer or the instructor. It is not the instructor's responsibility to contact the student. 
    11. Students may not enter instructors’ offices without the instructor’s permission. Do not enter any instructor’s office doorway, unless they are present and have consented to your entrance. This is to maintain privacy of any records that may be on their desks.
    12. Please do not place papers on instructor’s desk. Students should utilize the instructor mailboxes in the PN office for personal information and assignments drawers in the classroom for everything else.
    13. No obscene language, gestures or put-downs of others will be tolerated. In an effort to maintain a positive culture, the coordinator asks to refrain from complaining in the general areas where all students and staff may hear it.
    14. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times. What is said and heard in the classroom and in the clinical area must remain there.  Breach of confidentiality will result in dismissal from the program.
    15. Breaks are scheduled by the instructors. Students must return in the allotted time period, as it is disruptive to the other students when they don’t.  If a student is tardy when returning from a break, the door will be locked, and they will have to wait until the next break to return to the classroom. If an assignment or a quiz is given, then, the student will miss the assignment.   Students should not leave the classroom unless it is absolutely necessary to use the restroom AND it is expected that students will use the restroom on their break.
    16. Students should make appointments to have conferences with instructors or the coordinator.
    17. Students will perform duties as assigned. Duties may include cleaning kitchen area and refrigerators.
    18. Students will not be called from the classroom to receive phone calls unless it is an urgent phone call.
    19. Behavior that interferes with learning will be addressed in an appropriate manner by the instructor. Appropriate actions may include a request for a disruptive student to leave the classroom for a short period of time or for the rest of the day. Time missed in the classroom will be counted against attendance total. This includes arguing with instructors and/or peers and incivil behaviors.
    20. Students shall hand in or submit assignments at 0800 on the day it is due. If it is turned in any time after 0800, the assignment will not be accepted. Instructors will provide specific deadline dates. No late homework will be accepted.  Special projects may be given different consideration by individual instructors with approval.
    21. Cell phones must be placed in students bags and be turned to silent (NOT vibrate) in the classroom. Cell phones seen or heard in the classroom will be held in the Practical Nursing office until the end of the day. If this issue continues to be a problem with an individual student, the student will be at risk for being removed from the classroom with each new incident. There are no cell phones allowed in the clinical area at any time. If the student is removed from clinical for having a cell phone on their personduring clinical hours, it will count against their attendance.  If the student is asked to leave the classroom for texting or inappropriate use of their cell phone, this will also count against their attendance, and they will  not be able to complete any assignments or quizzes given during the time they are absent. If necessary, the entire class will be required to place them in a cell phone holder on the door during the class period.
    22. Students must time in and be in their seat before class starts and time out after it is over. Students must time out and time back in when they leave for lunch. If a student fails to time in or out, they will notify the attendance secretary and instructor at the time when they realize the missed punch, but before the end of the day, or they will be counted absent.
    23. During class time, laptops are only to be used for testing or under instructor’s guidance. Social networking and internet surfing are not allowed during class. The laptops should be kept in the student's bag at all times. The student should have their computers closed during lecture. Laptops should be fully charged each night. If a student needs to plug in for a test, they will be allowed one time to plug in, but then, will be required to take the test after school following a 10% deduction. All students will not have access to outlets and change of seating will not be allowed for access to outlets.
    24. Students will be assigned a seating assignment, and it may be changed as frequently as every month.
    25. Students have one hour for lunch between 1200 and 1300. Lunch ends promptly at 1300 and desks should be cleared of all food prior to this time. Snacks should be eaten on break and are not allowed during class.
    26. If a student is asked to leave the classroom for any reason by the instructor, they will not be allowed to makeup classroom work or quizzes. It will also be counted against their attendance.
    27. After testing is complete in any course, students should close their computer and remain seated at their desk and work on classroom materials for the upcoming class session. Students should NOT exit the classroom during the testing period. No bathrooms breaks are allowed until ALL students have completed testing. If a student leaves during testing, there will be a 10% deduction from their testing grade. Extenuating circumstances will be addressed on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the instructor.