Nursing is a profession characterized by compassion, caring, respect, and treatment of others with dignity. It is Cass Career Center’s policy that all students and faculty engage in respectful interactions with others while enrolled in the Practical Nursing Program. It is expected that students will behave in a professional manner in the classroom, at the clinical site, and at any site (real or virtual) that they may be representing themselves as a student or nurse. Respectful interactions include being considerate, courteous, professional, and maintaining confidentiality of any information received as a result of a student’s role in the Cass Career Center nursing program.

    Inappropriate or unprofessional behavior, verbal or nonverbal, towards others may lead to disciplinary action. This includes eye rolling, inappropriate or offensive comments, vulgar language, and talking negatively about students, peers, or faculty in the community, clinical or the classroom/school. It also includes inappropriate postings on public sites about students, peers, the school, or faculty. Posting threatening or intimidating comments on any site or emailing these comments to any other person is not acceptable behavior.

    Any behavior that is considered uncivil, according to this policy, will be grounds for immediate discipline without warning, up to dismissal.

    When using social networks or public blogs, the opportunity to violate other person’s privacy is greatly increased. Using social media to violate confidentiality of any patient or facility by sharing information that the student may become aware of or be exposed to as a result of being a student in the practical nursing program will be considered a violation of patient confidentiality policies, and a student may be subject to disciplinary action as a result of posting information obtained as a result of these experiences as a practical nursing student.

    The following are the student expectations related to social media:

     Students should follow NAPNES code of conduct when posting online for any posting, whether in a private or public group.

    1. Students should understand that all students are personally responsible for what is posted in user-generated media.
    2. Students should respect all healthcare privacy laws. (continued on next page)
    3. Students should not take pictures in patient care areas of themselves, employees, or patients.
    4. Students should correct prior postings that may reflect negatively on themselves or that violate the social media policies of Cass Career Center Practical Nursing program