The uniform is a symbol of your school.  Wear the uniform and conduct yourself in a manner which reflects credit to you and to the school.  The school’s official uniform shall be worn only for purposes of clinical and school activities.  It shall not be used for work. The uniform shall not be worn as street clothes except to travel to and from the clinical setting. The student shall not participate in activities that involve drinking alcohol or smoking while in uniform. 


    1. The student shall wear only the official uniform of the program.
    2. The students uniform shall be clean, wrinkle free, and in good repair.
    3. Student nametags are to be worn on the left front chest area at all times. (If nametag is lost it must be replaced immediately. See coordinator for replacement arrangements. There will be a $5.00 charge.) 
    4. Clean socks should be worn that cover the ankle and match the uniform.
    5. Essentially white or black tennis shoes, which complement the uniform are to be worn with the uniform. They must be clean and have clean shoestrings.
    6. Jewelry is limited to a non-digital wristwatch with second hand. No smartwatches may be worn during the clinical experience. (A leather or metal stretch band is not permitted)  A wedding band may be worn. Only small post earrings in the ear lobe are allowed in the clinical setting.  This is for patient safety and infection control purposes.
    7. All artwork on the skin shall be covered at all times. Anything that creates an infection concern by covering it will be addressed individually with the instructor.
    8. Students should bathe daily and use deodorant. No perfumes or aftershave are to be worn. If a staff member, student, or patient makes a suggestion that odor is a problem for a student, the student will be provided a confidential slip in their mailbox. If a student receives three of these slips at any time, it may put the student at risk for failing clinical.
    9. Students should have adequate oral hygiene. No gum chewing is allowed.
    10. Male students are required to shave daily. Those with beards or mustaches must keep them trimmed and well groomed.
    11. Nails should be kept trimmed short. No nail polish is allowed.
    12. Hair is to be clean and worn in a conservative style without large hair ornaments. This is the discretion of the clinical instructor. Hair must be contained so that it does not fall into the eyes or the work area.
    13. Conservative fresh make-up is acceptable.
    14. Official School lab coats and/or white, red, or black undershirt may be worn with the uniform for warmth.
    15. Any appearance that is unprofessional in nature will be addressed.
    16. Clinical attire policies are to be adhered to any time the student is required to be at the facility, including Monday nights.

    We are guests in the clinical facilities. 

    Failure to comply with rules of the clinical facility will result in failure of the clinical rotation.