Attendance is important to successful completion of this program.  The following policies, based on industry standards, will be followed with regard to attendance:

    1. Each student is expected to be in the class and ready to learn at the scheduled class time. Students will be required to time in by 0800 to be counted present. Students will receive a tardy if they time in, and then, are not in their seat at the start of class.
    2. The students are expected to be in class in their seats at the end of the break. The instructors will lock the door at the end of a break. If a student arrives late, the door will be locked , and they will wait until the next break to join the class. The student will be responsible for all information missed. and will receive a zero for any assignments or quizzes missed.
    3. If a student is going to be tardy for an exam, the student must notify the instructor. If they don’t, there will be a 10% penalty deducted from the test grade. After notification, the instructor will decide whether to allow the student to begin taking the test in the classroom with the other students or have them take it after school. If a student misses additional material being taught, they will be responsible for obtaining that information.
    4. If a student misses an exam, then, there will be a 10% deduction for missing the exam, unless they have a doctor's note. The student should expect to arrive promptly at the school at 0700 the next classroom day to make up the exam. There may not be a reminder by the instructor. If they fail to show, there will be an additional 10% deducted from the test.
    5. The program tracks attendance via a time clock. Students must time in and out each day. Students must NEVER time another student in or out. If a student is identified as timing another in/out, it may be cause for immediate dismissal from the program. If a student leaves class early, they are required to speak with the instructor of the course, notify the PN secretary, and time out. Students must also time out at lunch if they leave the school. Students must time back in after lunch and all students must time out when leaving for the day.  
    6. Partial day absences from school will be counted in the following manner:

                            0 hours -3.5 hours absent from the school day = 0.50 of one absence

                            3.5 hours and one minute and greater = 1 day of absence.

                            Leaving early, prior to 1600 will result in an absence according to above time guidelines.

                            Lunch does not count in hours absent. Lunch is one hour each day. If students are  

                            let out early from class or for lunch, the time is not adjusted to less time for absence.

    1. Students are responsible to see the instructor for make-up work. It is suggested that students contact a classmate to take notes and/or get handout materials for the day.  Deadlines for make-up work will be in accordance with the policies as outlined in the Cass Career Center Student Handbook.  
    1. A student may receive attendance counseling if a pattern of tardiness or absence emerges.
    2. Attendance probation will be initiated when a student has reached an absence total that equals 3 days in either payment period of the year. Students on attendance probation must meet with the Coordinator of the LPN program monthly and after each absence.  The year is divided into two payment periods.  At midpoint in the year, the student absence record will be reduced to zero.  In the event that a student exceeds an absence total greater than 5 days in either payment period, the student will be dismissed from the program.  Exception:  If the student, the student's spouse/partner (living in the home with the student), or child is hospitalized for major illness/surgery, the actual days spent in the hospital will be excused, as long as the student is able to keep up with coursework.  Days spent in the hospital will not be counted toward the absence total. This does not include an emergency room visit, unless the student/family member is admitted to the hospital. The student must be able to academically complete make-up work in order to remain in school.
    3. Death in the family: Absences up to 3 days will not be counted into the student’s total absences, only for deaths that occur in the immediate family.  An obituary notice must be provided upon return to school.  Immediate family includes:  spouse, children, parents, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sibling, sibling-in-law, step-parents, grandparents, and step-grandparents, or additional significant family members at the coordinator's discretion (may consider student performance at the time).  The student must be able to academically complete make-up work in order to remain in school.
    4. Limited opportunities may be available to make up missed class time, as specified by the Coordinator. Each student may be allowed to make up no more than 3 days total absences (for the entire school year) through these activities. Scheduled service activities will not count towards these banked makeup days. Current service activities include: These days cannot be used during the last week of testing during ATI testing in PVC II, and they cannot be used for clinical absences.
    5. Students with special circumstances requiring absence from school may appeal to the “Attendance Appeal Board” consisting of: the Assistant Vocational Director, one member of the Advisory Committee and one member of the community. The student’s request for review must be provided in writing to the Coordinator of the Practical Nursing program no more than 5 business days following the absence(s) for which the student is requesting the consideration of the Attendance Appeal Board. The written request must be clearly legible and include the following information: date(s) of absence, reason for absence with appropriate corroborating documentation if available, and a statement explaining the situation. The Attendance Appeal Board may seek input from faculty members.  The recommendation of the Attendance Appeal Board will be forwarded to the Cass Career Center Director who will make the final determination.  The decision of the Cass Career Center Director will be final.  The student will be notified in writing of the decision.
    6. Students who fail to comply with the attendance policy will be dismissed from the program.
    7. If the student misses a Study day, it will count against their attendance according to policy..
    8. All students who have financial aid will be required to meet the guidelines of the program for which they are receiving aid.

    When the Harrisonville Cass R-IX School District is dismissed due to inclement weather, Practical Nursing classes will also be dismissed.  On occasion, if the temperature is the reason for the cancellation of the district, Practical Nursing students may be expected to attend, as they do not ride buses. Clinical days that are missed as a result of snow days may result in makeup assignments and/or clinical makeup dates, as assigned by the coordinator and faculty.  The coordinator and the faculty will reserve the right to delay start time for a clinical day based on weather forecasts.  Snow days may be made up at the discretion of the Practical Nursing Coordinator.  


    If a student is to be absent from the clinical setting, he/she is responsible to inform the clinical instructor by the time listed in the clinical syllabus.  If a student does not notify the instructor by the beginning of clinical, the occurrence will be considered a “no call, no show”.  One incident of “no call, no show” will place student at risk of failing the clinical.   Alternate times will be listed in clinical guidelines for clinicals with alternate start times. Sending word with a friend is not acceptable.  The student must call the instructor in person.  Not having a telephone is not an acceptable excuse.   

    If a student is going to be tardy (up to seven minutes) or late (up to one hour) to the clinical site, they must call their clinical instructor before start of clinical.  If they do not call, it may be considered a no-call, no-show. If a student is more than an hour late to clinical, they may not be allowed to participate in the clinical rotation, and they will be sent home. It also, will count against their total three days of clinical that they can miss for the entire academic year.

    Students who miss in excess of three days of clinical will be dismissed from the program for attendance in the clinical setting. 

     Days earned from makeup community service days will not count towards missed clinical days.