Contact Information

601 S. Highland Drive
Harrisonville, MO 64701
Phone: (816) 380-7654
Fax: (816) 884-5733

chris grantham
Chris Grantham, Principal

angela gibson
Angela Gibson, Asst. Principal

Kathy Huseman, Registrar

HMS Spotlight

This section will be dedicated to spotlighting students or organization here at HMS.  

Get to Know Our Teachers!

Mr. Brain Thayer- 7th Grade World History 
Brian Thayer is a proud graduate of Harrisonville High School. He went on to graduate from the University of Missouri with two BAs: one in History and one in Religious Studies. His MA was earned in Religion from Cincinnati Christian University. 
Mr. Thayer is married with two children, but is relatively certain a third is inevitable. Brian is a coffee nerd, watches history documentaries in his free time, and loves strategy board games. His proudest moments are when he became a father, won the Mr. Wildcat competition in 2006, and when his students show improvement in critical thinking and literacy skills.
 Mr. Thayer

Welcome to Harrisonville Middle School

Harrisonville Middle School is home to 6th-8th grades.  Each grade level is divided up into two teams of students.  Each student on a team has the same set of core class teachers.  
We here at Harrisonville Middle School are moving toward Standards Based Grading and Assessment.  By 2016 we will have all classes at HMS using this form of grading and testing.  Currently we are doing SBGA in all math, ELA, science and social sudies classes.  Spanish, FACS, Vocal music, Computer applications and the rest of the exploratory classes will be ready by 2016.

Remember to have your students check our lost and found table and rack.  We have a lot of found items, including several lunch boxes and lots of jackets.

News & Announcements

School Hours/Schedule

HMS Class Schedule
1st Hour - 7:23-8:16
2nd Hour - 8:20-9:13
3rd Hour - 9:17-10:10
4th Hour - 10:14-11:39
5th Hour - 11:43-12:36
6th Hour - 12:40-1:33
7th Hour - 1:37-2:30
Lunch Shifts
1st shift 10:14-10:41
2nd shift 10:43-11:10
3rd shift 11:12-11:39
Half Day Schedule with Lunch
1st Hour - 7:23-8:11
2nd Hour - 8:15-9:03
3rd Hour - 9:07-9:55
4th Hour - 9:59-11:15 lunch hour
Lunch Shifts for half day of school
1st shift 9:59-10:23
2nd shift 10:25-10:49
3rd shift 10:51-11:15